Many UK workers could be put at risk of redundancy over the coming months as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme gets wound down. We may see the biggest drop in employment on record over the coming months. However, it is not all bad news as companies that are thriving and reopening within this climate are hiring.

There are a number of brilliant businesses recruiting, many of which we are working with exclusively. If you would like to have a confidential chat about your future please give us a call on 01925 636473 or drop us an email and one of our consultants will be there to help.

We've put together a guide on what steps to take if you are unfortunately put in the position of redundancy.

Give yourself time to mourn... 34% of unemployed people suffer from psychological issues like depression. Before moving forward, give yourself time to cope with the loss of your job.

Evaluate your finances... Spend money on your needs, not wants. Utilities and bills should be your priority during this time.

Take care of yourself... Engaging in regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, and being open about your emotions will help both your physical and mental health.

Reach out to your network... Connect with industry professionals both on and offline.

Update your CV... Add your latest accomplishments to show how you can help companies reach their business goals.

Take skill related classes... Sign up for training workshops or online courses to improve your skill set and keep your mind sharp.

Work with a recruiter... Over 1 million people in the UK gain employment through a recruitment agency per year.

Keep a positive outlook... Practicing daily positivity such as meditation can increase mindfulness and decrease depression rates.

Part-time or Temporary work... Considering part-time and/or temporary work is a great option to generate income in the interim.

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