Could Temps Be The Solution?

After the recent Government announcement, our future for at least the next couple of months has been outlined to working from home if you can. The current global health crisis has left uncertainty within businesses on when or if we will return to the office any time soon. Many have made rapid changes to the way their staff are working and the company is operating. At Adele Carr, we are following all government guidelines and ensuring that the health and safety of our staff, clients and candidates is a priority.

While the market has hastily redirected its form of working with little warning, there has been a change in consumer behaviour leading to exponential growth within some organisations. Consequently, this sudden influx is leaving some businesses struggling to meet the high demands.

Thinking forward it is understandable to question whether sales numbers will decrease once we return to normal civilisation. However, with such an unprecedented yet vast modification to our society it would be equally naïve to believe that we will return to what we once knew as normality without any adjustments.

How should workers and businesses move forward whilst working remotely? A look into interim roles could be of benefit.

• Temporary workers are available immediately
• They provide flexibility in an unstable economy
• Cost effective without increasing permanent head-count
• It can lead to a prosperous permanent member of staff

• Gain experience in a new field
• Strengthen your skills
• Lots of choice and variety with every position
• Possibility of a permanent role

At Adele Carr we have professional interim consultants within every branch to help you find the perfect match. If you believe a temporary role could be the solution to your lockdown problems get in touch. We are here to guide you through the recruitment process while following social distancing rules.

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