How careful are you with your Social Media?


Adele Carr Financial Recruitment have recently asked Senior HR and Finance staff from both Public Practice and Commerce & Industry about the importance of the Social Media of a potential new employee. I wanted to see what the general consensus was because recently I have had a client retract an interview request, for what looked like the perfect candidate, after having a look at the candidate's Social Media. 

The lesson is clear, be prepared for what ever you put down on Social Media to be looked at carefully by potential employers.

Do you ever check a candidate’s social media at any stage during the interview process?

Yes 79%

No 21%

If YES, what specific sites are likely to look at?

Linkedin 36%

Twitter 0%

Facebook 50%

Instagram 0%

A combination of the above 14%

At what stage would you check the candidate’s Social Media?

Upon receiving CV 74%

At interview stage 13%

Before offer stage  13%

Has their Social Media ever affected your decision?

Yes 67%

No 33%

Would you look at the Social Media of those close to the candidate i.e. relatives?

Yes 0%

No 100%

Have you ever challenged the candidate about their social media at interview stage?

Yes 20%

No 80%

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