Is your team a happy one?


Recently Adele Carr Financial Recruitment asked accounting professionals (135 respondents) the following 3 questions:-

 Is your current place of work, a positive place to work?

 If ‘NOT’ then why?

 How could your work place environment improve?

The responses

 62% confirmed that they felt that their current work place was NOT a positive place to work

 Reasons for this include:-

 My manager/management                                    48%

Culture                                                                 42%

The team I work with                                             23%

The office/site size                                                18%

64% felt that the work place environment could improve with an improved office culture

Perhaps this feedback should not be much of a surprise, especially, 48% highlighting management as an issue.

The Dangers of the ‘Accidental Manager’

The term ‘Accidental Manager’ has been around for many years with a vast amount of research/comment available on the subject, such as

In this continually changing recruitment landscape, quality candidates (whom have been patient over the past number of years and not considered moving jobs, despite various frustrations ‘brewing’) are now thinking that 2017 is the year to move jobs and ‘grasp that fresh challenge’.

With this growing trend, surely, businesses need to ensure that the ‘right’ management team are in place and ongoing support provided. If they do not, then employee engagement will without doubt be lost.

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