Take Advantage of Isolation

It can be easy to let a day-to-day routine stop you from catching up with things you keep putting to one side. Yes, staying at home may be boring but life is no longer time consuming but instead time giving. Now is the moment to take advantage of being at home.

Housework – The dreaded chores of housework. Dust collecting behind your TV, the floor under your bed hasn’t been hoovered for a while, and your cupboards have become an organised mess. Well it is time to give your home the spring clean it deserves! From top to bottom, no excuses now for a full clean up. I suggest watching Mrs Hinch on social media to get you motivated.

Learn something new – There will always be a reason not to do something. Being confined to your home has given you the opportunity to learn a new language, turn your hand to baking or get creative.

Movies/TV – Binge watch the list of films and series you’ve been dying to complete. Heard everyone in your office reveal spoilers each week of a thrilling TV show but you’ve just not had chance to watch. Well now is the time! No need to feel lazy, we have to stay at home. I downloaded Disney+ and watched the Marvel films in chronological order…

Exercising – Too tired after work to go for a run now you can exercise from the comfort of your own home. YouTube hosts a variety of fitness workout routines for all ages and needs. Working from home? See how many stretches you can do whilst writing an email!

Find your career – Has time out of your day-to-day job made you realise you’re happier at home? Freshen up your CV and go hunting for the career you want. Many businesses are still open and looking for someone like you to join them. Feel free to give us a call on 01925 636473 or email us at info@adelecarr.co.uk to start your search today.

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