The Perfect Candidate

Have you ever wondered what an interviewer is looking for in the perfect candidate? A couple of our consultants here at Adele Carr Recruitment have put together some questions they like to ask to discover a stand out person.

Gemma Houghton, Senior Consultant - Warrington 

“A few questions I like to ask candidates that gives me a clear indication of their abilities/goals and personality...

What has been your biggest achievement so far in your career? - Gives the candidate chance to open up about their goals and what they are proud of, showing their dedication to the industry.

What made you want to pursue a career in accounting and finance? - Gives a clear indication of how much they are invested in this as a long-term career and reasons for wanting the role.

What is the best way to describe you as a person? - I ask this question as personality fit is one of the most important factors when matching a job. It gives me an idea of them as a person and team fit for the role.

Reasons for leaving previous role? – I always ask this as it’s a big thing for me to understand how easy they will get up and leave a job or how dedicated they are to the roles they are in.”

Simon Bilson, Senior Business Manager - Liverpool

“What makes a great candidate stand out…?

It is how they plan and prepare for a meeting or interview. I believe it starts from having a brilliantly worded CV.

I like candidates who describe their achievements. In addition, providing evidence of achievements is demonstrating where they have added value in a company.

Over the years I’ve learnt that our clients like to hear how a candidate has overcome specific objectives and made a difference.

Once I feel the candidate is a match for the job I give them an interview preparation guide that consists of The STAR Approach. This means that when you are answering the questions, the interviewer will be looking for the Situation you were in or the Task you were doing, the Action you took in response to that situation or task and the Result of your action.”

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