Video Interview: 

Your Questions Answered

Video interviews are becoming ever more popular with the rise of technology and employees working remotely. How do you ace a video interview? Well, your top questions have been answered...

Where should I do my interview?
Place yourself in a well-lit room so that the interviewer can see you clearly. A private and quiet space with no possible interruptions is fundamental. Take a look at what will be in the background of your video – plain is key.

How should I prepare?
Make sure your camera is clear, the sound quality is good and your internet connection is working. Close any open tabs or apps running in the background. If you are not using your phone don’t just put it on silent but switch it to 'Do Not Disturb' or even better turn it off – any incoming messages can still cause technical interruption. 

If you can, practice with a friend. It is good to know what the interviewer can see and hear. Record yourself – a practice run through will help to avoid any possible problems.

What should I wear?
Keep in mind this is still an interview, dress professionally for the occasion – appear suited and formal as you would in person. Even though the interviewer can only see the top half of you don’t risk wearing your pyjama pants in case you need to stand up. Dressing formally head to toe can make you feel prepared and professional.

Try to avoid busy patterns and stripes as these can interfere with the pixels on the interviewers screen.

How should I present myself over video?
Smiling and nodding goes a long way when the interviewer can only see your face. Speak slowly and clearly, this will make you come across as comfortable and professional whilst allowing the microphone enough time to pick up your voice.

It can be easy to divert your eyes around the room you are in but keeping eye contact is essential. When talking look directly into the camera instead of the screen, this will align your eyes with the interviewer’s and make you appear confident. You should be looking slightly up into the camera and not down at the interviewer. 

What do I do if something goes wrong?
In case a technical problem occurs it is an idea to ask the interviewer for their number before the interview is due. If you are interrupted by outside noise, pause, apologise when it has disappeared and begin again. You may want to mute the microphone if the noise becomes too loud.

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