You Wouldn't Ask Your Horse 

To Be A Cow

Now more than ever before organisations need to work smart, many in order to survive, some to maximise an opportunity for growth. Clearly, the influx of good candidates into the recruitment market has given many pause for thought when it comes to using an agent to satisfy an urgent recruitment need. Yes, it is true that many excellent candidates from financial, and many other backgrounds, have found their roles made redundant, as they become victims of the Covid-19 crisis. This potential candidate pool, on the face of it, may appear to make it easier (and cheaper) for employers to source directly or at least via their internal “Talent Acquisition” functions. It may seem counterintuitive at first glance, but these are the very reasons that quality specialist recruitment agencies are now more relevant than ever before.

In a market that is unprecedented how can you expect your line managers to more easily be able to navigate a recruitment process that will often give rise to applicants numbering into several hundreds? The truth is many of these candidates will look broadly suitable “on paper”, and seeing the wood for the trees is almost impossible without having been through a deeper sifting and selection process. At Adele Carr, we will often have already completed this exercise through a general registration process, and in many cases, we will be able to rely on years of experience with individual candidates. This enables us to respond swiftly enabling our clients to secure the best available talent with minimal interruption to their core activities.

Of course, Talent Acquisition provides an essential and cost saving function in generic recruitment but when it comes to specialist markets such as Financial Recruitment and Business Support, Adele Carr are focused on doing one thing very well. This ideally positions us to free up your internal functions to add value elsewhere or at least to augment their processes.

If you are an SME, like us, it is even more important to keep your Finance and Business Support staff focused on their day jobs at this most critical time. Give the incredibly time consuming and problematic job of recruitment and selection to dedicated experts. You wouldn’t ask your recruitment partner to close your monthly accounts, why ask your Finance/HR professional to wade through a recruitment exercise? Let your horses get on with being thoroughbreds and we will produce the cream! 

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